T R A V E L & L I F E S T Y L E

Hello travelers! How are youuuuuu? I am sooo happy! Starting the year traveling is always great! Our last adventure in Sri Lanka was simply amazing! Well, we have made the Maldives-Sri Lanka route since it is only an hour’s flight away. The price of the flight is rather cheap (roundtrip Continue Reading
Nos dejamos llevar por el impulso, por la aventura. Decidimos todo casi a última hora, sin una previa organización, sin saber apenas donde nos dirigíamos. Lo único que teníamos claro era que queríamos ir al desierto, pero no a cualquiera, ni al más cercano, ni al más fácil de llegar. Continue Reading
Hello travelers !! How are you? How is it going? OMG!! Writting two days in a row…. I can’t believe it :’) SOOOOOO Finally!!! A post about my last adventure in Croatia. It has been woooonderful. I felt so so free during those days … I went with my best friend Continue Reading
Hello my darlinggs! Ohh my godness!  I am very happy because it is the second post in South Africa. This time I’ll tell you about our second stop: CAPE TOWN. The trip was very intense, and Cape Town was so so short … and we were there for 3 days! But next Continue Reading
Hello travelers! How are you? I really wanted to write you guys … I have too many things to tell you. As you know, I was in South Africa from April 28 to May 8. We have been all over the country! Cape Town, Kruger Park, Panorama Road, Garden Road, Port Continue Reading