Desert Hearts’ autumn edition was not only 100 hours of House, Techno and Love, but 100 hours of incredibly unique ensembles on nearly every festival-goer. The people of Desert Hearts are pros at scoring thrift store gems and pairing those with the best from festival vendors. There was even a style parade on Friday displaying ensembles from vendors at the festival.

Festival style is about feeling unique and individual, and yet one with your tribe. With no judgment, people are able to get creative with color palettes, textures, and accessories.

Festival die-hards always hit the dance floor at sunrise whether they have been up all night or have just woken from a disco nap. At 6 am on Monday during the melodic, enchanting beats of Michael Manahan we asked, “How does this outfit make you feel?”

Zosia&Kat 2015 Jacob Avantzo1

Photo by: Jacob Avantzo

Zosia: “The purple hues of my outfit sway my emotions into a relaxed, spiritually uplifted state. I’d like to think that my aura is violet, so being around the color makes me happy.”

Kathryn: “I feel young and free.”

Landin 2015 Sam Ramirez02

Photo by: Samuel Ramirez

Landin: “Comfy.”


Taylah wearing Fancy Vandals hat. Photo by: Samuel Ramirez

Taylah: “The most important part of this outfit is the coat. It was my grandma’s. It even has her initials monogrammed on the inside. When I wear it I feel like I am carrying her magic with me and I have respect. Also, all the boys in our group are so steezy, we have to keep up!”

Carissa: “Like I wanna get down.”

Axel 2015 Sam Ramirez06

Photo by: Samuel Ramirez

Axel: “Confident. I put on a black t-shirt but I don’t feel special. I put this on and I feel like part of the crew.”

Kevin 2015 Sam Ramirez05

Photo by: Samuel Ramirez

Kevin Anderson: “Like I’m crushin’ it.”

Bounce&Dani 2015 Sam Ramirez07

Bounce wearing Timelapse Collections necklace. Dani wearing Kritter Klips. Photo by: Samuel Ramirez

Bounce: “Completed. Best Monday ever.”

Dani: “Amazing.”

Alexander&Shane 2015 Sam Ramirez08

Photo by: Samuel Ramirez

Alexander F. Rodriguez: “Completely comfy and at the same time it lets me express myself.”

Shane: “Free.”

Treavor 2015 Sam Ramirez20

Wearing Endless Paradise pants. Photo by: Samuel Ramirez

Treavor: “Star-studded.”

Brian 2015 Sam Ramirez10

Photo by: Samuel Ramirez

Brian Davis: “A connection to humanity.”

Britzy&Raymond 2015 Sam Ramirez11

Britzy wearing Dream Life hood and pants from Photo by: Samuel Ramirez

Britzy: “Warm. It makes me feel gorgeous inside and out.”

Raymond: “Powerful.”

Javier 2015 Sam Ramirez12

Wearing Sacred Philosophy hood. Email for inquiries or orders. Photo by: Samuel Ramirez

Javier Rodriguez: ”It makes me feel wild again. It puts me in my element.”

Julia&Tenisha 2015 Sam Ramirez13

Julia wearing Furrocious Furr coat. Tenisha wearing TenTrees Tribe belt. Photo by: Samuel Ramirez

Julia: “Like a queen.”

Tenisha: “Dark and groovy.”

Jason 2015 Sam Ramirez014

Photo by: Samuel Ramirez

Jason Douglas: “Decadent.”