T R A V E L & L I F E S T Y L E
A gathering on the pristine beaches of Costa Rica has captured the imaginations of festival-goers around the globe. A 21st century fusion of art and education, this four-day event is pushing the boundaries of today’s festival culture and garnering widespread attention after selling out to a crowd of 6,000 attendees Continue Reading
For many, embarking on a festival adventure, whether alone or with a squad, is akin to taking a vacation. Festivals often peel away the layer of reality that lays between the core of who we are and the person we hope to be. They can help us look within and Continue Reading
Doing a festival as a crew, camp or tribe enhances the experience and strengthens your friendships. But part of what makes the festival environment so great can also make it hard to keep track of your people. Instead of wandering blindly, plan ahead with some of these helpful tips. Do: Choose Continue Reading