T R A V E L & L I F E S T Y L E

Electron Festival



Since 2004 promoting current electronic music and culture has been at the heart of Electron festival, where every year the centre of Geneva becomes the ultimate rendezvous location for fans of all things electronica.

With 130+ acts set to take over 10 city venues, Electron Festival is the biggest event of its kind in Switzerland promising an intricate selection of high quality music, dance and VJ performances.

Electron Festival is an urban festival which strives to educate and inspire electronic music fans, taking place in a city that prides itself on having a friendly and welcoming attitude to tourists.

Get your tickets here: http://www.electronfestival.ch/

Acts and DJs

ADAM BEYERSeperator between DJsRECONDITESeperator between DJsJOB JOBSESeperator between DJsCARL CRAIGSeperator between DJsMOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLESeperator between DJsMATTHEWSeperator between DJsTHE BLACK MADONNASeperator between DJsHEIDISeperator between DJsCAMOSeperator between DJsKROOKEDSeperator between DJsSURGEONSeperator between DJsAGORIASeperator between DJsHELENA HAUFFSeperator between DJsTRUSSSeperator between DJsTODD TERJESeperator between DJsMICHAEL MAYERSeperator between DJsALPHASeperator between DJsDJ BRIANSeperator between DJsBLOND:ISHSeperator between DJsWEVALSeperator between DJsKIM ANN FOXMANSeperator between DJsPAULA TEMPLESeperator between DJsTODD TERRYSeperator between DJsMARTIN BUTTRICHSeperator between DJsLADY STARLIGHTSeperator between DJsCABANNESeperator between DJsPROTOHYPESeperator between DJsGIORGIA ANGIULISeperator between DJsJOHN TEJADASeperator between DJsBEN VEDRENSeperator between DJsKANGDING RAYSeperator between DJsJULIA GOVORSeperator between DJsAURORA HALALSeperator between DJsLOWRISSeperator between DJsRNDMSeperator between DJsOLIVER LIEBSeperator between DJsMC TEMPZASeperator between DJsANDRE BRATTENSeperator between DJsROBERT ROBERTSeperator between DJsMIMETICSeperator between DJsRICARDO DONOSOSeperator between DJsBLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUBSeperator between DJsBYETONESeperator between DJsAÏSHA DEVISeperator between DJsGRISCHA LICHTENBERGERSeperator between DJsNIK NOWAKSeperator between DJsBRIAN ENOSeperator between DJsNADIA RATSIMANDRESYSeperator between DJsBENOTMANESeperator between DJsCULTURAL WARRIORSSeperator between DJsISOLATED LINESSeperator between DJsCUBENXSeperator between DJsKYOKASeperator between DJsNAPMANSeperator between DJsLILA HARTSeperator between DJsSTEPHAN BODZINSeperator between DJsDAKSINAMURTISeperator between DJsREALITY GRIDSeperator between DJsALEX METRICSeperator between DJsPSYBERPUNKSeperator between DJsSLIMZEESeperator between DJsVOODOOSeperator between DJsLILITHSeperator between DJsPUSHSeperator between DJsRONESeperator between DJsEVP





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