T R A V E L & L I F E S T Y L E




I am sooo excited! I decided to start my travel blog as you know that is one of my favourite hobbies… AND because MANY people keep asking me about what I do and when and how… some tips about places I’ve been to… etc. So now that I finished my studies and I have more time, I am back to LOVE TRIPPING

I started Love Tripping as a techno blog but not anymore. But it doesn’t mean I am not gonna write about festivals. Of course I’ll do it! I love travelling abroad looking for the best festivals, I love techno music, and above all I love dancing on the rhythm of the music. But everything has changed and my life is taking me through differents ways.

I have to say that I started to travel a lot in 2015. Since then, I’ve been in 3 continents already, 15 differents countries, millions cities and now I just can’t stop. I want do the whooooooooole globe. My life is about travels and about plan travels and save money for it. And take pictures and videos…jejeje… Travel is my way to escape, and I would like to share this with you guys to get you inspired.

You can follow me on my instagram @nath.alie5 and my youtube channel. PLEASE if you want to ask me questions or some tips, ideas to write on the blog, if you want me to write in spanish…. jejeje… whatever, I am happy to get them, so let your comments below!!

By the way… happy Valentine’s day! <3

LOVE, Nath Alie






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