T R A V E L & L I F E S T Y L E

Panoramas Festival



Never has a festival such a befitting name as Panoramas. When springtime comes to Morlaix, you can catch a glimpse of some of the best on the contemporary music scene. Top names sit side by side with up and coming groups to create a mix of rock, rap, electro, and so on. The latest in a long line of music festivals, Panoramas attracts more and more visitors each year and has now become the clapperboard event for the season of summer festivals that follows. From the Parc de Langolvas and the Théâtre du Pays de Morlaix, to the Coatelan Club and the Tempo, not forgetting the absolutely un-bait-able concert at the swimming pool in Morlaix, you’ll be hooked, line and sinker!

Get your tickets here: http://www.festivalpanoramas.com/

Acts and DJs

NINA KRAVIZ Seperator between DJs BIRDY NAM NAM Seperator between DJs MR OIZO Seperator between DJs AGORIA B2B LOUISAHHH!!! Seperator between DJs SAM PAGANINI Seperator between DJs N’TO LIVE PERC Seperator between DJs DARIUS Seperator between DJs WHAT SO NOT Seperator between DJs MAREK HEMMANN Seperator between DJs JOHN TALABOT Seperator between DJs OLIVER HUNTEMANN Seperator between DJs LEON VYNEHALL Seperator between DJs JULIAN JEWEIL Seperator between DJs SAM GELLAITRY Seperator between DJs STAND HIGH PATROL Seperator between DJs NAIVE NEW BEATERS Seperator between DJs NEELIX Seperator between DJs TROYBOI Seperator between DJs CLUB CHEVAL Seperator between DJs VALD Seperator between DJs GEORGIO Seperator between DJs VANDAL Seperator between DJs HELENA HAUFF Seperator between DJs VOISKI Seperator between DJs JAUZ Seperator between DJs TRAUMER Seperator between DJs ROMARE Seperator between DJs COMAH LIVE Seperator between DJs PETIT BISCUIT Seperator between DJs KOSME Seperator between DJs MANDRAGORA Seperator between DJs MADAME Seperator between DJs ANN CLUE Seperator between DJs GIORGIA ANGIULI Seperator between DJs CLÉA VINCENTSeperator between DJs BON VOYAGE ORGANISATIONSeperator between DJs LA MENUISERIE Seperator between DJs OKLOUSeperator between DJs FORTUNE DJ SET & FRIENDS Seperator between DJs LADYLIKE LILY Seperator between DJs LOUISE ROAM Seperator between DJs SALUT C’EST COOL Seperator between DJs



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